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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What to do with an Old Washboard

 Our neighbors have granted me permission to go through a shed that sets in the back of their house. It's full of old wood, a screen door, an old handmade crate and more I haven't yet discovered but when I looked up, I found this old washboard shoved between a beam and the roof. I wrestled it out of its nest (no telling how longs it's been there) while keeping an eye on certain flying insects with stingers and carried it proudly back to my work area.

I decided to turn it into a hand towel rack by screwing on (drilled and screwed in from the back) part of an old baby bed frame I cut to size. I slapped on antique white acrylic then did hand lettering in black and sprayed on some protection.

Picture hanging wire and eye screws were added to the back.

Today it'll take a ride to Boonville, MO, to rest in Gramma Sophie's store on consignment until someone simply can't do without it.

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