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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Shaker Hat Box Design Ideas

 Cheryl, owner of Gramma Sophie's in Boonville, MO, handed me shaker hat boxes and asked me to paint them. She loves and sells primitives so it wasn't hard for me to decide what to paint.

The top picture is a set of three that forms one round circle. I decided to separately paint them to create a stacked design.

They were first painted with acrylic barn red then I floated burnt umber to the edges to make them look old. The words were hand painted with antique white.

The tree box is a single box. The lid is painted in midnight - acrylic paint of course - while the "base" of the box is painted in antique white with some version of brown slapped on. The tree base is black, leaves are ivy green and the red fruit was dotted on with the hand of a brush dipped in barn red. All edges were floated with burnt umber.

The bottom picture: There are two sets of two boxes shown.

Left: Antique white and barn red were used. I used a new half in brush to create the flourishes. The bottom box lid was painted with antique white then bard red was slapped on here and there. The rim of the lid was sanded to create a worn effect while only the very edge of its match was sanded.

The image on the right: Top box was painted with barn red and the stars were stenciled on with antique gold. Note how I allowed the red to show through.

The bottom box was painted with wrought iron black; the bunny rabbit in antique white. Both boxes were scuffed with sand paper.

As a side note: I prefer scuffing with sand paper over floating the edges. Not only is it easier but I think sanding makes the boxes look more authentically worn.

All boxes are for sale at Gramma Sophie's in Boonville, MO.

Want a set or just one? Simply leave a comment with your request and I'll paint them for you. Have something in mind you can't find? Custom orders are welcome at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Two nesting that you can stack (like the bottom picture) are $20 plus Priority Mail charge.

A single box is $15 plus Priority Mail charge.

Returns accepted within 30 days. You pay the return postage. Custom orders require a 15% restocking fee.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

What to do with Boat Paddle and Oar

When Donnie at Glasgow Trading Post  gave me an oar to paint my dad had to get into the game too and offered me an old paddle he'd found in the road. Well, these two items were a challenge. What to paint on them?

Ducks? Nah... Too cliche and time consuming.

Water scene? Again, nah... Too cliche.

What would be simple yet attractive? The results are what you see.

Star stencils,
barn red,
black, and
antique white acrylic paints are all you need.

Mask off your stripes and square to get to work on the red, white and blue boat oar. By the way, I cut down the oar since it was way too long.

The wider paddle is painted with black then midnight is slapped on here and there. Add the stencil stars and you're done.

Donnie's wife, Ronnie, put these two beauties in the front window of the store.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What to do with an Old Washboard

 Our neighbors have granted me permission to go through a shed that sets in the back of their house. It's full of old wood, a screen door, an old handmade crate and more I haven't yet discovered but when I looked up, I found this old washboard shoved between a beam and the roof. I wrestled it out of its nest (no telling how longs it's been there) while keeping an eye on certain flying insects with stingers and carried it proudly back to my work area.

I decided to turn it into a hand towel rack by screwing on (drilled and screwed in from the back) part of an old baby bed frame I cut to size. I slapped on antique white acrylic then did hand lettering in black and sprayed on some protection.

Picture hanging wire and eye screws were added to the back.

Today it'll take a ride to Boonville, MO, to rest in Gramma Sophie's store on consignment until someone simply can't do without it.

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Monday, July 2, 2012

UpCycle Shelf, Pitcher and Metal American Eagle

It sometimes pays to take a good look at what someone has thrown out on the curb for the trash men to pick up.

Take this shelf with a towel bar. It's solid oak. What was wrong with it? The top had detached from the rest of the unit. I reattached it with glue and screws. (I had to drill holes for the wood screws because the wood is so hard.)

I painted it with black, midnight and burnt carmine which gave it a deep, dark wine color. I added the star then finished it off with varnish.
  The ceramic pitcher was given to me by our next door neighbor who was getting rid of stuff in her basement. It had orange flowers and was personalized with the neighbor's last name. By accident I removed the orange flowers and name by simply washing. I got lucky.

Americana theme seemed most fitting because of the blue stripes in the preexisting glaze.

It is for decorative display only.

The American Eagle was found in the same trash heap as the oak shelves. I gave it a good washing then went over it with metallic gold acrylic then sprayed it with clear enamel.

All of these items were taken to Gramma Sophie's in Boonville, MO, where she is happily consigning them.