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Monday, July 2, 2012

UpCycle Shelf, Pitcher and Metal American Eagle

It sometimes pays to take a good look at what someone has thrown out on the curb for the trash men to pick up.

Take this shelf with a towel bar. It's solid oak. What was wrong with it? The top had detached from the rest of the unit. I reattached it with glue and screws. (I had to drill holes for the wood screws because the wood is so hard.)

I painted it with black, midnight and burnt carmine which gave it a deep, dark wine color. I added the star then finished it off with varnish.
  The ceramic pitcher was given to me by our next door neighbor who was getting rid of stuff in her basement. It had orange flowers and was personalized with the neighbor's last name. By accident I removed the orange flowers and name by simply washing. I got lucky.

Americana theme seemed most fitting because of the blue stripes in the preexisting glaze.

It is for decorative display only.

The American Eagle was found in the same trash heap as the oak shelves. I gave it a good washing then went over it with metallic gold acrylic then sprayed it with clear enamel.

All of these items were taken to Gramma Sophie's in Boonville, MO, where she is happily consigning them.

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