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Monday, June 11, 2012

Project Idea for an Old Window

Paint a picture of a large flower (or item of your choice) in one corner then nail wood clothes pins on the frame to hold photos or other memorabilia.

Hanging: If you plan on hanging your window picture holder on the wall, use large eyelet screws and wire. You can buy them at most hardware stores, and the packaging will tell you how much of a load the screws and wire can hold.

I don't trust the saw tooth pictures hangers because it seems the nails aren't big enough or go into the wood far enough to be safe. I worry the nails will come out sending the window crashing to the floor.

Loose glass: Also, if the glass is loose in the frame, you can stabilize it by shoving push points (also found at the hardware store) into the wood surrounding the glass.

Place the push point flat side next to the glass. Using a flat head screw driver, gently begin pushing while rocking the push point back and forth until it works its way in to the wood.

Painting technique: The flower painting took several coats of acrylic paint. Be sure to let each coat dry thoroughly before applying the next coat.

Start with the back petals. Double load your 1-inch brush with a creamy white and dark yellow. Put in the general shapes of the petals.

Don't over-work the paint. You'll be disappointed when you see that going back over what you painted suddenly comes up leaving a bare spot.

Messed the whole darn thing up? No worries. Wet a paper towel and wipe off what you've done.

You can also use a box cutter blade or razor blade to scrape off the acrylic paint.

You can speed up the drying by using a hair dryer.

Keep adding layers of paint to the first layer of petals until you are satisfied with the appearance then begin with the second set (inner set) of petals.

Make the petals shorter and darker. I double loaded a 1-inch brush with gold and the dark yellow from the previous set of petals. Note the lighter colors are on the left; darker on the right.

The center of the flower was pounced in with a large round brush using a very dark brown like burnt umber.

After the center dries, pounce in tan highlights. Don't get carried away. Only put in a few pounces at a time until you achieve the effect.

Clothes pins: You can get these at Dollar General for - yes, you guessed it - a dollar.

I purchased and used small wire brad nails (#18 x 5/8) to attach the clothes pins to the window frame. Push one side of the pin over. If you push it too far, the clothes pin will come a part.

Voila! You have a unique and creative way to display photos, invitations, cards, awards and ribbons.

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Thanks for looking!

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  1. Hello, Deborah. I truly admire you for an impressive job! Finding a way to repurpose that old window is so resourceful. Thanks for sharing this informative idea! I will certainly be trying this out. Cheers!