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Friday, November 19, 2010

Repurpose Candle Wax & Tin Cans

Okay, you're not into candle making but you hate to toss candle ends or remnants from jarred candles. Here's the easiest thing to do to repurpose candle ends and remnants.

If your jarred candles are small enough to set on a fragrance warmer, that's all you have to do: Set it on the warmer.

If the candle has no fragrance or if you want to enhance the fragrance, head to Wal-Mart or a local hobby store. Be sure the fragrance is for candle wax and not for soap or lotions. You can even add a different scent to the fragrance that's in the candle. If it's a floral scent, I stick with florals. If it's an herb scent I stick with herbs. For instance, if you have a lavender scented candle, add a rose fragrance or other floral fragrance. Shoot, to lavender you could even add linen scent.

If you want to remove what's left of the candle in the jar, you'll have to use the double-boiler. I don't have one but I do make a substitute. Instructions are below.

Soak a tuna and vegetable can (or another tuna can to use on your fragrance warmer) to remove the label. Wash but be careful of the inside rim; it's probably sharp enough to cut your finger. You'll use this in the double-boiler to melt the wax.

Substitute double-boiler: I use either our fondue pot or some other large pan. Something large enough to put a smaller pan into.

I set up my make-shift double-boiler, fill about half way with water then sit my smaller pan into the water. Put the heat on low. We want about 160 to 180 degrees or just low enough to heat the water good without simmering or boiling.

Next, drop the candle bits into the tin can and put the tin can into the smaller pan sitting in the water. If you're melting wax in a jar, just set the jar into the smaller pan.

After the wax melts, add the fragrance then (using an oven mitt or pad to hold the can) pour the wax into whatever you're using on your fragance burner. You could repurpose a mayonnaise jar, baby food jar, old canning jar, etc. on the fragrance burner.

You could even simply melt the wax in the tin can or jarred candle on the fragrance burner, entirely skipping the double-burner method.

Hint: Want color? I add a little bit of crayon.

Paint the can with acrylic paints or leave as it. I wouldn't use ribbon, paper or scrap material to cover the can. I've never tried it so I wouldn't recommend it.

That's it. If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

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