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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Repurpose Computer, DVD, or CD Cables

Keeping Costs Down

One way to keep the cost of my crafting down is to find and repurpose materials around the house and - recently - at Goodwill. Later, I'll be writing about the clear glass items I found. 
But today is about wire. I was finishing a project and wanted to adorn it with copper wire. After thinking for a moment my husband informed me that old unused computer and cable cords have copper wire internally. Between the two of us, we had stored several away. Perfect! I can repurpose copper wire out of old cables.
Using my pair of needle nose equipped with a cutter between the handle and the very tip, I set to work removing the rubber casing. Once that was removed I discovered wire mesh that I also removed.
Sure enough there in the middle of all the layers was pretty copper wire I wanted to use to adorn wine bottles I had painted.
 I cut a length then bent it into a circle and slipped it over the neck of the bottle. It wasn't enough... needed something more. I cut another length then bending it I shaped it into a heart that I slipped onto the copper wire ring on the bottle.
If you can't find the materials to repurpose around the house, before you go buy them mention what you are looking for to your significant other. They just might know where you can find hidden treasure.

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