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Monday, November 29, 2010

Recycle/Repurpose Christmas Cards, Children's Christmas Art, Christmas Wrapping Paper

Do you love Christmas like me? Do you want every room in your house to reflect all the wonderful red, green, blue and gold colors of Christmas? Then we have something in common.

I decorated today but found I was missing Christmas art for my walls. It wasn't long before I was scrounging around looking for something to scan or cut to size for Christmas wall art.

The first thing that came to mind was wrapping paper. But what to use for frames? Since the Christmas decorations weren't going to be up permanently, I decided I could use existing 8x10 frames housing photographs or paintings that I could put away for a month. After removing the pictures or paintings I searched through my wrapping paper and found two styles I liked. I cut an 8x10 out of each.

Both frames fortunately had backing but if they didn't have backing I would have used the art I originally removed from the frames as support for the wrapping paper. I simply laid the wrapping paper over the backing then put everything into place. They now hang in our kitchen and look great!

I wanted more, though. I remembered a 4x6 photograph of a butterfly I had taken and framed to hang in our bathroom. With the 4x6 size in mind, I decided rather than using more of the same wrapping paper I would use a card I made. I scanned and sized it to 4x6 then cut it out, put in into my 4x6 frame and hung in our living room

But if you don't have a scanner or you don't create handmade Christmas cards, you would be hard pressed to find a place to scan commercially produced cards to repurpose or recycle as wall art. Instead, cut the front of the card off and put it into a 5x7 frame. You could even cut it down to a 4x6.

If your kids drew Christmas art or you have art your children created years ago, Walmart charges under $2.90 to make 8x10 prints. Walgreens charges $2.99. You can bank on spending about $3.00 for an original 8x10 piece of Christmas wall art. And why not give it as a gift to the child who drew it?

Repurpose... Recycle... Get creative.

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