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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Acrylic Painted Primitive Country Christmas Snowman Screens

Grab a window screen, your acrylic paints and set to work creating primitive snowmen painted screen decorations.

Original designs but you're welcome to use the idea.

These are for sale at Glasgow Trading Post, Missouri.

Top left: Three happy snowmen in assorted hats and scarves in different colors.

Center left: Snowman in black top hat and blue scarf with snowflakes and the word "snow".

Bottom left: "Welcome" sign with snowflakes and cute snowman in a green scarf.

The three painted screens hang with eye screws and picture hanging wire.

Note: Be sure to drill holes with a bit that is smaller than the actual screw. This process keeps the wood from splitting. Old wood is brittle.

Acrylic paints were used then each screen was sprayed with a clear, protective coat that helps retard the paint from chipping.

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