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Monday, September 5, 2011

What to do with Wine Bottle or Things to do with Wine Bottles

Here's another use and re-use for a wine bottle.

Have you seen the commercial for the glass bulb you fill with water then stick into the soil, dirt of your potted plant? If not, it's an easy conceptualized product. Imagine a light bulb but with a very long and skinny "stem". Once you fill it with water, you then poke it into the potted plant soil then it waters your plant as the soil dries. Great for when you'll be gone for a few days.

You can do the same with a wine bottle. Sure, it might be a bit big for small potted plants but it comes in handy for the larger ones. Besides you could always use a small plastic water bottle for your small plants. Simply fill and shove into the dirt. Yes, the open end of the bottle becomes clogged with dirt. That is suppose to happen. As the soil dries, it aborbs water much like a sponge would if you stuck part of it into the bottle opening.

I've even used wine bottles for my garden. I shove the bottle in close to the stem of the plant. I don't have to water every night and my garden is sprinkled with color. That's it! What to do with Wine Bottles. It's just one more thing.

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