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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Recycle Old Socks into Sock Monkeys!

I have to tell you how fun it was to make this little gal.

I'm not posting instructions on how to make the sock monkey because there are so many patterns to be found on the Internet.

I have bunches of scrap material; remnants purchased here and there because I love working with fabric. To make Missy Monkey's clothes, I whipped out my measuring tape, measured and cut material.

The little jackets was the hardest. I made the body of the jacket first then measured, cut out the sleeves and sewed them on. I left plenty of room for Missy's arms to fit and I left ragged seams at the shoulders.

The hat, skirt, and leggings were simple tubes measured to fit then sewn closed. The fabric flower pattern was found on the Internet.

She can be purchased for $5.00.

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