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Monday, December 27, 2010

How to Recycle, Repurpose a Coffee Can

Make a Decorated Holder for a Plunger

One day, I got consumed with the large plunger used for unstopping sinks and toilets. It was setting in the corner of our bathroom like an ugly ornament I wanted to throw away. I decided it was time to make a decorated holder to house the unattractive piece.

Fortunately, I had an empty thirty-three ounce coffee can that I decided to decorate and make into a holder for the plunger. It was an easy project and took no time at all.

I happened to have lovely green wrapping paper with no designs which matched the green in our bathroom rugs and window curtain. I measured the can from the top rim to bottom rim then around the outside circumference, transferred the measurements to the wrapping paper drawing cut lines with a pencil on the back side of the paper.

Next, I cut out the shape and with a rubber stamp, I stamped the outside of the paper.

I applied rubber cement to the outside of the coffee can and to the back of the wrapping paper. It is important to apply rubber cement to both the can and wrapping paper otherwise the paper will not remain adhered to the can.

After rolling the can up in the wrapping paper, I measured the circumference of the plunger handle, eyeballed the center of the lid and made two marks on the lid with a marker. If the handle is an inch in diameter, lay the ruler at the one half inch mark at the center of the lid. Make a mark on the lid at the end of the ruler then another mark at the inch mark on the ruler. Draw a circle the width of the two marks then cut a hole in the plastic lid of the coffee can.

It doesn't have to be perfect. Now slide the plastic coffee can lid down the handle of the plunger. You will find you will not need to remove the lid from the plunger handle when you need to use it because you can slide the lid up out of the way. If your hole is bigger than the handle then you'll have to problem removing the lid when you need to use the plunger.

Put the plunger into your decorated coffee can and snap the lid into place on the can.

Voila! You now have a holder for your plunger!

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