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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Upcycle Repurpose Vintage Glass Vacuum Coffee Maker

Create a lovely candle holder with a vintage vacuum coffee pot with little effort like I did with this one given to me by some folks who were cleaning out their vacation country home in Missouri.

Remove the metal and ceramic internal parts.

There is no need to remove the glass vacuum tube (tube attached to upper deck of pot).

Fill the bottom with imitation rose buds and leaves, or buttons, or old wooden thread spools, or marbles, or just anything that suits your fancy.

I chose imitation rose buds and leaves 1) because they match the Christmas candle I painted and 2) they are the only thing I found at the second hand (thrift) store I was attracted to and that fit my budget of $1.

Put the upper half of the coffee pot back on, tie a torn strip of scrap fabric matching the color you added to the bottom part of the pot (or your decor) then insert a pillar candle.

This is certainly an eclectic idea and so easy, so fun and just plain so unique.

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