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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Substitue for Wood

If you're looking for a thin piece of 9 in x 12 in wood for a sign or cut out shape you've been dying to make, you may have to look no further than your craft supply room or through your kids' drawing supplies.

To make this glittered star sign for a kid's room, I substituted a cardboard back to an empty tracing paper pad for a wood plaque. It's sturdy and is easily cut with an all purpose Dremel cutting bit.

I traced the computer generated shape onto the thick, stiff cardboard back, cut out the shape with my Dremel then sanded down the rough edges.

After painting, glittering and embellishing I glued on a feather boa that serves as the hanger for the sign.

You could also use corrugated cardboard and cover the edges by gluing on bric-brac, lace, scrap material or even twine. Also, check out the cardboard backs to tablet pads, drawing pads, water color or acrylic pads. They may be thick and stiff enough to accommodate your needs.

Substituting other materials for wood may take a bit of imagination but because I'm frugal I can generally find something to use rather than heading to the local Home Depot to purchase what I need. That said, I did find thin sheets of wood or pressed wood in a manageable size that are less than $10 per sheet on Home Depot's web site.

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