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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wine Bottle Picture Holder

I love wine bottles and am always looking for another way to repurpose them. Here's a great way to use an empty one along with its cork.


Wine bottle with cork
Needle nose pliers
Wire strong enough to twist and poke into the cork
Paint is optional. I use FolkArt Enamel
20 ct string of Christmas lights is optional

After you've washed, dried and painted your bottle then have allowed the paint to dry (if you decide to paint it), cut a length of wire about 12 inches long. You can always cut it down if it's too long.

I use copper wire I have stripped out of unused cable for the television.

Starting at one end of the wire with the needle nose pliers bend and crimp. This is optional but I do it as a safe guard against scratching my pictures. Wrap the crimped end around the neck of the wine bottle two times. This will give you a nice round shape after you remove it from the neck of the wine bottle.

You may have to adjust the wire circle by pushing and bending it inward so that it will hold the picture. If there is too much of a gap between the two wire circles, then your picture won't stay in place.

Insert the cork into the wine bottle. Use your needle nose pliers to shove the straight end of the wire into the cork. If it's too long, remove and cut to size.

I made two copper wire picture holders to shove into the cork and staggered the lengths so both of my 4x6 pictures show.

Remove the cork and insert the Christmas lights (if you're using them) then tie ribbon or taffeta around the bottle neck to dress it up a bit.

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