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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Adorn a Headband

Adding beads to a headband is a great way to dress it up and makes for a great gift for a young girl. It is easy and requires only a plastic headband, floral wire and plastic beads.

Unwind about three feet of wire. Start at the top in the middle of the headband, wind one end of the wire around three times and secure by feeding the free end under one of the loops. If you're using seed beads like I did, depending on the size it will take three to six beads. Feed the free end of the wire through your beads. Hold the beads in place while feeding the free end beneath the newly strung beads. Pull the wire through and tug it to tighten the beads into place.

Wrap the wire around the headband to the side you started on and string more beads. Again, feed the loose end of the wire under the new row of beads, pull tight and wrap the wire around the head band until you're on the starting side. Continue until you have covered as much of the band as you want.

Repeat the above steps on the opposite side of your beginning point and string until the beads are parallel to the finished side.

I experimented using different sized beads and found the larger ones didn't fit as well as the seed size but I don't consider the wire that shows to be offensive.

Give it a try. I had to redo headbands a couple of times but the end result is satisfying. I'll use mine to adorn a teddy bear topper for one of my personalized wrapped candy bar cakes.

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