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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gift or Donate Leftover Crafts

So I have a bunch of stuff (crafts) I've made this year that didn't sell. What do I do with them all? Well, I'm thinking I'll gift them to my friends and family. Since I know nobody with a baby, I'll donate the baby items to the church to give to needy families.

  1. Stuffed bird sculptures
  2. Apron and matching oven mitt
  3. Baby body suit (or onesie) and socks bouquet
  4. Recipe book with blank recipe cards
  5. Baby's First album with blank pages
  6. Handmade, hand painted cards
  7. Hand painted gift tags
  8. Hand painted baby body suite (or onesie)
  9. Elephant origami baby wash cloths
  10. Angel origami dish towel with spatula
  11. Baby sock - one of each boy and girl - rose bouquets
  12. Homemade candles
  13. Hand painted wine bottles with 30-count Christmas lights stuffed inside
  14. Hand painted terra cotta pots with dried moss and seeds
  15. Personalized and wrapped lip balm
  16. Sleeping diaper baby made out of baby diapers with hat, socks and pacifier
  17. Throw pillows
  18. Baby wash cloth lollipop bouquet
  19. Framed teddy bear painting
I'd say I've been plenty busy this year sewing and painting and creating but since I've started Visages (my Zazzle store of unique, personalized gifts), I've no time to sew and paint crafts. That part of my life is over because Visages is becoming successful, bringing in income my crafts didn't.

Got bunches of crafts left over? Why not gift or donate them?

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