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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Record a Greeting Card

Technology. You have to love it. It has advanced to the point where we can sit in our offices (at home or at work), record our voices through our computers and have our voice-recorded messages added to a greeting card that will be conveniently sent for us.

Voice Your Feelings, based in the United Kingdom, is a company who has taken technology and is using it to make recording and sending greeting cards super easy for the consumer. Not e-cards but real, honest-to-goodness paper cards. Whether you're a busy stay-at-home mom or corporate professional; whether you're looking for something unique to say thank you to clients or send a Mother's Day card, I can't think of anything easier or more unique than Voice Your Feelings.

The process is very simple:
1) Record your greeting through their website
2) Pick out the greeting card you want to send
3) Add sound effects if you wish. When you're finished click the Preview and Play buttons
4) Pay the required low fee then sit back and relax because Voice Your Feelings will address, post and send out the voice-recorded card within 24 hours of receiving the order

The only drawback that I see is they are set up to receive payments through only Paypal. However, setting up a Paypal account is simple and - more importantly - free.

I will confess that I am an affiliate and - yes - this blog resembles a marketing piece. But my confession doesn't mean that I am not impressed with Voice Your Feelings' endeavor. Quite the opposite. It is because of their technology that I wanted to be involved so I immediately became an affiliate. In fact, I have been exchanging emails with their Account Manager who - because of my intense interest - has implemented an affiliate two-tier program for people like me who want to market their Affiliate Program.

I would have preferred much more involvement by selling their service within my small home town and the surrounding small towns but Voice Your Feelings isn't set up for this. All of their marketing is through the Internet and their affiliates. Understandably, this keeps pricing low ($7.95 plus $2.20 for shipping for the United States) which is important for outside countries.

So whether you're interested in recording and sending cards to loved ones or clients, or interested in becoming an affiliate, head to my web site,, and click on the Voice Your Feelings banner ad at the top of the page.

Of course you can go directly to their web site,, to check them out. I won't hold it against you...

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